Its been several weeks since I last wrote my last piece just before Christmas and a lot has happened since. I do apologise for my absence but I have been rather busy as of late, Mid to late January was spent working long days in Germany and what spare time I have had has been spent with the family or on the bike with the occasional trip to Griffin Park to watch Championship side Brentford of which my Grandfather George introduced me too when I was just 8 years old.

So onto training well Christmas period went really well and it was a good steady block of training and the weight came down and the numbers went up albeit steadily from a lot of submaximal work. Nothing wrong with that all was good. A nice steady rise in training load and no illnesses or issues to speak of. Germany was a slight setback and it did knock me off my stride slightly. I had to fly out there for one so couldn’t take a bike on a rammed military plane. My saving grace was a clunky old Mark 1 wattbike in the Gym, I am grateful to Michael Llewellyn for helping me with access to the gym. The training was almost reverse periodised in nature but it allowed me to freshen up and keep on top things without losing too much fitness.

So onto February and things are looking up Training has ramped back up again and the numbers are starting to look a bit more promising and more closer to where I should be although still not anywhere near peak form not that I’m too worried at this moment in time. Its always promising when you can hold a 3 digit number for over an hour and it has a solid 3 in front of it.

I have decided to enter the Southern Hardriders Series, mainly for the training aspect more than anything. A good hilly TT thrash will do me some good and the there is nowhere to hide looking at the courses. At this moment in time a top 10 overall would be good in the road bike category which looking at the start sheet looks pretty competitive. I feel it would be good preparation for the upcoming Hilly road races and a marker as to where I am currently at.  I have the Tour of the Mining Valleys coming up over in Aberystwyth early March time which is a brute of a race. Last year I read the race very well and used my head to finish in a strong 7th amongst a field of hitters. Its also gives Zoe and the kids a good chance to see their Great Grandparents as they are located 40 mins away. I love training and racing in Wales the roads are better than the majority of England and the standard of racing in Wales is pretty high.

This year my main objectives are to go sub 20mins for a 10 mile Time Trial and go sub 50 for a 25. I fancy doing something different to my usual road goals as with my time constraints it is getting tougher to train for the ” proper road races” . Yes I could chipper a load of crits but I enjoy a good 3-4 hour road race more than just riding around in circles for an hour. I feel the UK scene in general is in danger of becoming too dependant on hour long crits and circuit races. These races are great to practice and learn skills and are good measure of speed but they just aren’t the same as a traditional road race. I’m still quite a distance from top form but its still on February and some people seem to forget that its a long old season.  Whatever happens I’m just going to enjoy it and see what happens.